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Known issues 

​Looking for an up-to-date list of issues affecting the latest version of ContactsLaw? Click here to visit the customer portal, or check the Today tab in the application.
The following is the current list of known issues with ContactsLaw.
CPMS works tirelessly to resolve such issues, however we recognise that occasionally an issue will remain present in the application if:
  • The feature or module in which the issue was reported is due for refactoring or reimplementation.
  • The issue is of lowest or negligible priority.
  • Current development of the product is occuring in an area unrelated to this issue.
  • No known solution exists or the problem is caused by third party program behaviour (Outlook, .NET etc) and may be resolved some time in the future without changes by CPMS.
Current issues (as at 8 Apr 2019)