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The ContactsLaw add-in for Microsoft Outlook is a VSTO add-in that integrates Microsoft Outlook with ContactsLaw. Principally, it provides:
  • An additional "ContactsLaw" toolbar in the main Outlook window to access integrated functionality.
  • An additional "ContactsLaw" toolbar in the message editor window in Outlook to access integrated functionality.
  • Automatic registration mode, which hides the reading pane and starts the document registration activity in ContactsLaw each time you double-click an e-mail message.
  • Single-click registration of e-mails via the "Register current message" button.
  • The ability to export multiple Outlook contacts to a location on your computer (simplifying the process of exporting them to ContactsLaw).
  • SharePoint document library awareness; identifying when an e-mail is opened from ContactsLaw and providing functionality to save and check the document back into the library.
  • In-place document template editing features, which allow you to map placeholder fields in the template onto data fields in ContactsLaw without leaving Outlook.
  • Integrated logging and error reporting functionality.

System requirements

  • ContactsLaw
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 or newer

Some functionality (e.g. in-place template editing) is only available when Microsoft Word is also installed.


The add-in is included with ContactsLaw and licensed on an unlimited use basis. After the license period expires, you can continue to use the add-in but will not receive any further software updates from Overtech.