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DDM Manager Utility

Installation and initial configuration

The DDM Manager Utility and DDM Windows Service are installed from the same Windows Installer package. This software does not update automatically, so you must ensure that you are running an up-to-date version before deploying any products.
You must be connected to the Internet in order to use the DDM Manager Utility. After opening the utility, you will be prompted to enter your login details. Once authenticated with Overtech's software distribution service, you will be able to start using the utility.
Before you begin configuring and deploying products for the first time, you must perform the following configuration:
  1. Set up an intranet site from which users will install the software.

    Using IIS (or any other suitable web server), create a new website. You can use any port number. For best results, allow anonymous authentication. Do not enable SharePoint services on this website. Note down the path to the document root. You must ensure that your normal user account has permissions to read and write to this path.

  2. Configure the utility to publish to this location.

    In the 'Configuration' section (on the Home tab), specify the path to the document root of the website you created. Be aware that, as you deploy applications, the utility will overwrite the website's default document (index.html).

  3. Enter details about your network environment into the 'Site configuration' section.

    Follow the prompts and enter the required information (e.g. the URL for the website you created in step 1). When finished, click 'Save to Server'.