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DDM Manager Utility

Customising and deploying products

The Products tab in the DDM Manager Utility displays the products which you are licensed to use, along with the number of the version installed (once installed) and the latest version available. Whenever you check for updates (a check is performed automatically, each time you start the utility and log in), a task will be created on the Home tab.
Right-clicking a product in the list presents you with the option to re-deploy the current version of the product, or to stop distributing the product. You must de-deploy a product if you change its configuration (and have previously deployed it) or the configuration of your site. If you stop distributing a product, users will no longer be able to install (or, in some cases, run) the software.
Each product has its own list of settings, which make up its configuration. Clicking a setting will display an extended description of what it controls, and which values it will accept. For many settings, you can accept the default (the value being shown in grey text). Some settings, however, will depend on your site/network configuration, and must be entered correctly in order for applications to function properly.
Product settings are colour-coded to indicate their scope:
  • Green - System-level setting; this is used to prepare and run deployment tasks. Required to install products correctly.
  • Blue - Application-level setting; users cannot override this setting, and the same value will be applied to all users. This type of setting helps you configure the product to suit the particular needs/preferences of your organisation.
  • Black - User-level setting; users can override this setting. The value you specify will be used as the default.
After making changes to product settings, you must click the 'Save to Server' button.
When you return to the Home tab, any pending deployment tasks will appear in the 'Deployment tasks' section. If you have never installed a particular product, you will be prompted to do so. If an update is available, it will appear in the list. If you have manually selected the 're-deploy' or 'stop distributing' options, tasks for these will appear in the list.
Clicking the 'Begin Deployment' button will run through the tasks in sequence and perform the requested actions. You will be able to see the progress of each task as it runs. Once the status returns to 'Ready', you can continue using the utility (or close the window).