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DDM Manager Utility

Viewing and administering sessions

The Client Sessions tab in the DDM Manager Utility allows you to see which users are currently logged-in to a particular product. Sessions are only supported by products which include DDM client components; typically full applications (and not add-ins or supporting software).
For each concurrent session, you will see the hostname and IP address of the user, along with any product-specific 'session variables' (used to provide extended functionality within the product). The list of sessions will automatically update as users connect and disconnect.
You can perform the following operations on client sessions:
  • Challenge All Sessions - When network connectivity is interrupted, or when applications close unexpectedly, sessions may remain in the list for up to 30 minutes. Clicking this button will cause a 'challenge' to be sent immediately to all sessions on the list. If a response is not received from the session, it will be disconnected and removed from the list. Use this option to troubleshoot problems with concurrent usage licenses.

  • Terminate - After selecting one or more sessions from the list, you can click this button to perform an administrative shutdown of the software on the user's PC. You can include an instructional message to users and specify how long before the software is automatically closed. Use this command if you need to perform maintenance on the server/database or force users to install an updated version of the product.

  • Notify Users of Update - After each deployment task completes, users are automatically notified of the availability of the update and prompted to install it. However, if sessions are interrupted by problems with network connectivity or problems within the application, this notification may not be received by all users. Clicking this button re-sends the notification to all sessions.