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Products distributed through the DDM may contain client components. These components interface with the DDM Windows service and provide:
  • Controls to enforce licensing and DRM
  • Session management (viewing concurrent sessions)
  • Secure access to an application's encryption key
  • Update notifications
  • A mechanism to utilise the DDM for communicating between users. For example, in ContactsLaw this provides:
    • Task notifications
    • Instructions to refresh cached data
    • Instant messaging
    • Telephone journal transfers and networked call monitoring
    • Monitoring sessions, application versions, etc
Without minimal client components, product licensing will still function at deployment level, but it will not be possible to enforce license rules (e.g. concurrent usage) after the product has been installed.

DDM Client Components Class Library

Overtech publishes the Overtech.DDM.Client assembly, a lightweight client for the DDM which can be integrated into any product distributed via the DDM.