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E-Receptionist is a kiosk-style application designed to replace the traditional role of a human receptionist in a small-to-medium office environment.
The software is designed to run on a Windows-based desktop or small form factor PC, in conjunction with a compatible IP or digital telephone system and handset. It provides a simple, easy-to-use menu system for dispensing information and connecting clients/visitors with staff members. Firms and building owners can customise E-Receptionist to meet their needs, from simple configurations all the way to up multi-tenant serviced offices.
Features of E-Receptionist include:
  • Staff directory
  • Check-in for appointments
  • Opening hours and holidays
  • Telephone system integration
  • Full-featured menu designer
  • Integration with ContactsLaw
A working prototype of E-Receptionist has been in use at Birman & Ride since 2006.

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