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FRS Tools is a plug-in for ContactsLaw which provides marketing tools for real estate settlements.


The software has the following main features:

  • Scraping of data on properties for sale from real estate websites
  • Ability to associate FRS properties with contacts in ContactsLaw
  • Ability to generate alerts on files when a particular property is found online
  • Production of mailing labels
  • Mailout tracking
  • Acquisition/RTS tracking
  • Inventory tracking
  • Reports (tabular and chart forms)

The software maintains its own database of properties and mailouts, exposing the following features to ContactsLaw:

  • Activities for scrapes and mailouts (with the ability to create tasks)
  • Custom user-field types to hold references to properties in FRS Tools
  • Source of fields for use in document templates (for personalised letters)
  • System settings to govern format of FRS property addresses across the practice
  • Integration with ContactsLaw's charting features
  • Integration with ContactsLaw's document production features


FRS Tools is currently licensed exclusively to Birman & Ride. It is distributed through a private software channel and is not available through Overtech's DDM system.