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Welcome to the CPMS Wiki


This site has been created by ContactsLaw Practice Management Software to provide a fast and easily maintainable knowledge base for the documentation of our various projects and the products that we offer.

What is it about?

First and foremost, we want the world to know about our flagship product ContactsLaw.
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Other supporting projects include the DDM, E-Receptionist aka "the Robot" and a number of database and phone related utilities that are very interesting standalone applications in their own right.

Who can use this site?

The information on this site can be made available to anyone we wish via the Internet and can be maintained by any user given the appropriate level of permission.  At present, this site is maintained and updated by CPMS with input from Birman & Ride.
For information on how to contribute to this Wiki, read these instructions.
​Important: Before contributing, please familiarise yourself with the Style Guide.

What is a wiki?

A wiki site is a Web site in which users can easily edit any page. The site grows organically by linking existing pages together or by creating links to new pages. If a user finds a link to an uncreated page, he or she can follow the link and create the content.
In business environments, a wiki site provides a low-maintenance way to record knowledge. Information that is usually traded in e-mail messages, gleaned from hallway conversations, or stored in Word documents can instead be recorded in a wiki site, in context with similar knowledge for faster collaboration.  The way in which the pages are linked avoids repetition, which means you only have to update a single instance of a particular article in order for all sources to point back to the latest revision.
Other example uses of wiki sites include brainstorming ideas, collaborating on designs, creating an instruction guide, gathering data from the field, tracking call center knowledge, and building an encyclopedia of knowledge.
One of the most notable examples of a functioning Wiki is Wikipedia.

How can I subscribe to receive updates to this wiki?

RSS allows you to subscribe to updates to this wiki using communications software such as Microsoft Outlook. Click one of the links below to subscribe to content: 

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