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​​Multi-tenant deployment for Scion DMS

Since version 1.1, Scion DMS supports multiple-tenant operation, where multiple databases (potentially spread across multiple servers) can be accessed from the same instance of the application.

To add tenants to an existing installation, deploy a new instance of the ScionDB database and add the connection string in the appsettings.json/Web.config file. The name you assign to the connection string entry will be used to refer to the tenant throughout the application.


​Each tenant database has its own document libraries, users and permissions. The same Windows user may have multiple identifiers if they access more than one tenant.

Accessing documents, front-end website and WebDAV

For all tenants except the connection string entry named "DefaultConnection", the prefix /_DB/{ConnectionName} is added to the URL. For example, the front-end website for the connection "Example" can be accessed via the URL http://server/_DB/Example and a document might be found at the URL http://server/_DB/Example/Documents/demo.pdf​.

​Accessing the REST API

All API endpoints have an optional parameter "Database" which is set to the name of the connection. For the "DefaultConnection" entry, this parameter can be omitted. Refer to the API documentation for further details on how to include the Database parameter.

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