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CPMS Wiki style guide

In order to create the best possible user experience, it is important that all wiki contributions use a consistent style including formatting, terminology and grammatical conventions.

Naming conventions

  • Article names should be in singular form (e.g. "contact" not "contacts").
  • Keep article names short and concise.
  • Use sentence casing for all article names (you may capitalise proper nouns).


  • Use only the predefined markup styles (heading 1, heading 2, etc). For heading levels 2 and greater, you may also apply bold formatting. 
  • Do not add a heading to the top of an article unless it is significantly different to the name of the article.
  • The common headings "See also" and "External links" should appear at the very bottom of the article.
  • Use sentence casing for all headings.

Article content

  • Use only the predefined paragraph style.
  • Use regular typeface for everything except key terms or where it is absolutely necessary to differentiate context.
  • Leave a single line break between paragraphs. If a break is added automatically, do not add additional line breaks.
  • Do not use other colours for text unless there is a good reason to do so.


  • Use only the predefined paragraph style.
  • Do not put links in headings.
  • Use regular typeface for all links.
  • When linking to articles using a term name (e.g. "document", "transactions", etc), change the casing to fit the sentence in which they appear. For example, when linking to the article "Document creation" in a sentence, the link would appear as document creation.
  • If your article is named in singular form (e.g. "transaction") and you need a collective form in your sentence, change the link text accordingly. The same applies to past/present tense.
  • If you include a term that appears in an article but is not the main subject of that article, you can change the link text to fit the term you want to refer to.
  • If an article exists (or you think an article should exist) for a term you refer to, link to it on the first occurrence of the term in your article. Do not link to it again on subsequent references within the article.


  • Use only the predefined bulleted or numbered list style. Do not invent new list styles.
  • Do not use hyphens or letters at the start of a line in place of an actual list.
  • Avoid multi-level lists, but if absolutely necessary ensure that levels are only indented one level at a time.
  • Be consistent with punctuation - end all list items with full-stops or none, do not mix.
  • Do not end list items with semicolons or the word "or".


  • Do not start an article with an image.
  • Place images on a separate line with appropriate spacing above and below.
  • Left-justify images.
  • For screenshots, PNG format is preferred. Try to capture only the window or area that is relevant to the article. Avoid trying to crop by eye. Do not use non-standard themes or DPI scaling which could make screenshots appear inconsistent.


  • Use the predefined 'Overtech table style'.
  • Do not apply special formatting for the first column/row unless it makes sense to do so.